Kukkarahalli Lake Green Walk

I wanted to explore the Mysore Railway Museum and then head to the Mysore Palace to see the palace lights. However, the rail museum was closed for renovation and so I headed to the Kukkarahalli Lake, the lung space of Mysore.

My plan was to capture some photographs for Instagram and the move on. As I started to walk, I realized I am not going home very soon.

If you are a fitness freak, and have come to Mysuru, I strongly recommend you to visit Kukkarahalli Lake. You will for sure enjoy the 4.5 kms walk on the periphery of the lake.

Old man taking a walk

Old man taking a brisk walk in Kukkarahalli Lake, Mysore

The bird watchers too will have a great time here. The birds from faraway places come here though they have reduced in numbers. (Source: Wikipedia). Do not forget to carry your camera to capture your beautiful moments here.  

Kukkarahalli Lake

The Kukkarahalli Lake is a plastic free and garbage free zone. Please do not carry any plastic inside and throw the waste only in the designated bins.

There are no shops inside but there is one fish stall near gate. If you are too hungry, you can buy some snacks outside the lake compound.

Once you are done with exploring the lake, you can take a tonga ride (horse cart ride). There are several horse carts near the gate to take you for a ride if you wish. (you got to pay)

I am penning more posts like “what you can do near Kukkarahalli Lake,” some crazy ideas may be. So please return to this blog and follow us in your favorite social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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