Chamundeshwari Temple Gopuram

Sunday visit to Chamundi Hills

The Sunday’s are always crowded atop Chamundi Hills. The tourists, devotees and the casual riders throng the Chamundi Betta during the weekends.

Chamundeshwari Temple, Chamundi Hills

Chamuneshwari Temple, Chamundi Hills

This hillock is in the top three list of places to visit in Mysore. There are several temples atop the hill and the Chamundeshwari temple is the most visited. I will update about other temple in a few days.

Priest selling sacred threads atop Chamundi Hills
Priest selling sacred threads atop Chamundi Hills

Anytime of the day is the best time to visit Chamundi Hills and that depends upon what you want to do there. Going there early morning, say about 7 am, is good if you want to pray inside the temple. This is especially during the weekends. As the time passes, the temple becomes crowded. The weekdays are less crowded though.

Mahisasura Statue, Chamundi Hills

You can go to the Chamundi hills in the evening too to witness the sunset and enjoy the beautiful view of Mysore. There is a telescope facility available en route if in case you enjoy seeing through it.

The road to the temple is wonderful. You can travel here by public transport or hire a scooter for a fun ride.

There is a Nandi statue little down, it is too a must visit place. The Nandi at the Chamundi hill had turned into black over years. The archeological department have cleaned it using water with a jet spray. You will be lucky to see the Nandi in its original condition.

Nandi at Chamundi Hills

Nandi Statue, Chamundi Hills
Nandi Statue, Chamundi Hills

Enjoy your time atop Chamundi hills and I hope you liked this post, especially the photographs, all captured with Sony A5100.

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A quick info for you, there are three places of interest nearby to Chamundi Hills – 1) The Lalitha Mahal Palace, 2) Karanji Lake and 3) The Mysore Zoo.

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