People watching helicopter (Mysore Helipad)

Mysore Dasara 2019 Helicopter Ride

You can enjoy a helicopter ride and get a glimpse of Mysore city from the sky. The short helicopter tours operate during the Navaratri festival every year. If you are in the city during Dasara festival and wish to fly over Mysore city, then there is a helicopter waiting for you.

During the Dasara 2019, we saw two helicopters taking off from the helipads next to the Lalithamahal Palace Hotel. There were enough customers to keep the pilots and the organizers busy. The helicopter rides costs Rs. 2700 (USD 38) per person per ride.

Helicopter Ride Photo Gallery

Helicopter taking off
Helicopter taking off
Boarding Helicopter
People boarding the helicopter (Lalithamahal Palace at the backdrop)
Register for Helicopter Ride
People registering for a helicopter ride in Mysore
People watching helicopter (Mysore Helipad)
People watching helicopter (Mysore Helipad)

The helicopter tour duration lasted for about 8 minutes and that seems to be more than enough to enjoy the aerial view of Mysuru.

There were several onlookers standing next to the wooden barricades enjoying the sight of helicopters. The children were amazed from the breeze the propeller created when the helicopter took off.

Nearby places

If you are new to the city and have come near the Lalithamahal helipad, you can consider exploring nearby places such as:

  1. The Chamundi Hills – you are at the foot of this hill
  2. The Wax Museum (new addition, photography allowed)
  3. The Karanji Lake, you would have crossed this place while coming via Lalithamahal road.
  4. The Mysore Zoo (you need at least half a day to explore)

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