Exclusive Exhibition of Mysore Traditional Paintings

The exclusive exhibition of Mysore Traditional Paintings in Kalamandir was open to the public last month to witness the grandness of Mysore Paintings.

Mysore Maharaja Painting
Mysore Maharaja Painting

The event was inaugurated by Sri Yathiraj Sampat Kumar and the chief guests were R G Singh, Ram Krishna (artist) and Sri Hari (artist).

I got an invitation from Mr. Bhaskar Naidu, friend of Mr. Vittal Rao who owns the popular Vishnu Kala Arts inside the Jaganmohan Palace complex, Mysuru.

Art Exhibition, Kalamandir
Art Exhibition, Kalamandir

Mr. Vittal Rao had displayed a good collections of antique paintings and metal crafts at a 5 days’ exhibition in the Kalamandir. The paintings consisted of those that were more than hundred years old until the recent ones.

So what makes these paintings extraordinarily appealing? Well, Mr. Vittal can be the right person to explain. He walked me through each of the paintings and explained the interesting part of it.

Use of Gold in paintings

I came across a painting that had gold in it. According to Mr. Vittal Rao, if it is not a pure gold, you cannot stick it in. Those days, artists used gold in their paintings because it does not blacken. These kinds of paintings are very rare.

There were the paintings of Srinivasa Kalyana and Girija Kalyana that has an interesting belief. Mr. Vittal explains that if a person meditates seeing either of these paintings, he will get married soon. And one who meditates in front of the paintings of Ambegalu Krishna will get a male child. Well, these are the beliefs but the paintings are really worth to own.

Lady with the lamp

Lady with the lamp
Lady with the lamp

If you admired the Mysore Paintings, this art exhibition was a real treat. Even at the last day of the event, I saw several visitors coming into the Suchitra Art Gallery to have a glimpse of the Mysore Traditional Paintings. Suchitra Art Gallery is a part of the Kalamandir building in Mysuru.

If you are in Mysuru and looking for the Mysore Traditional Paintings, you may consider visiting Vishnu Kala Arts situated inside Jaganmohan Palace Complex. The Jaganmohan Palace itself is a place of interest in the city of Palaces.

Vittal Rao, Mysore

Vittal Rao, Vishnu Kala Arts, Mysore
Vittal Rao, Vishnu Kala Arts, Mysore

You can shop at the Vishnu Kala Arts and explore the art gallery at the Jaganmohan Palace.

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