Hanumanthu Biryani – The unforgettable Food Experience

If you are a foodie, a non-vegetarian and travelling to Mysuru, your time at Hanumanthu hotel can be an unforgettable food experience.

Hanumanthu Biryani
Hanumanthu Biryani – Never ends

Many travelers come to Mysore to explore the palace, heritage buildings, zoo garden and other tourist places. But you will be surprised to know that there are people who come to Mysore from faraway places to enjoy the Hanumanthu Biryani. It is a best restaurant in Mysore.

Hanumanthu Biryani is actually a Pulao

There are two things to note here, the Hanumanthu hotel is actually a restaurant and they serve pulao, not biryani. There is a difference in the preparation method between ‘pulao’ and ‘biryani’. However, I shall maintain the word ‘Biryani’ as most of us really don’t care.

The Mysore city is not only about tourism but also an ultimate food destination. We will explore all and so please be hooked to this blog.

When you Google Hanumanthu Hotel, you will come across several restaurants with the same name. They might not be an original restaurant so be carefully while deciding.

The Hanumanthu hotel that we visited today is in Akbar Road, Mandi Mohalla, Mysore. It is the oldest restaurant as far as I have heard.

Hanumanthu Hotel, Akbar Road

Hanumanthu Hotel, Akbar Road
Hanumanthu Hotel, Akbar Road

We were returning to Bengaluru when we planned to have a heavy breakfast. We decided to eat the Hanumanthu biryani and so I took a turn towards Akbar Road. Several cars parked on the street indicated that the restaurant was full with the customers.

I was fortunate to get a parking space within a few yards from the restaurant. As we entered the Hanumanthu hotel, the dining hall was full. The staff showed us the adjacent room that was full again but one table was getting empty.

We occupied the table while it was getting cleaned. Our order of two full plates of mutton biryani came in few minutes. There were several items listed in the menu but we decided to stick to the Mutton Biryani.

As always, the biryani rice was filled with aroma and the mutton pieces were perfectly cooked, the combination of which gave a never ending taste.

In spite of a wonderful taste, we were unable to finish the entire plate. The mutton pulao quantity was simply excess which we are not used to.

Hanumanthu Biryani 2
Hanumanthu Biryani with hidden meat

If you are moderate eater, I would suggest that you order half a plate of mutton biryani or any biryani for that matter. It will save your money and do good to your tummy.

Here’s a quick menu list

  • Mutton pulao Full Rs. 220/-, half Rs. 170/-
  • Nati Koli Pulao Full Rs. 210/-, half Rs. 170/-
  • Chicken Pulao Full Rs. 160/-, half Rs. 120/-

That was a quick menu and there were several other items that you can explore, so go in a group to have fun. The Hanumanthu Hotel is one of the many restaurants in Mysore that is popular among the locals and travelers. If you are in the city, go to this outlet in Akbar road for a heavy breakfast or a lunch may be.

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